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Friday, November 20, 2020

Miss Kedike's harmattan song



Chidinma 'Kedike' Ekile

Miss Kedike's harmattan song

Chidinma 'Kedike' Ekile's 'Holy' is the song to wake up to this harmattan period, this song was released in 2019 but has a freshness every time it comes up on the playlist. Before this track, it was  GUC's  "All that matters" on repeat every morning, but the change in season has ushered in the sweet melody of "Holy."

It is a song I put on repeat before I sleep or I immediately start playing when I wake up but still feeling sleepy. I strongly recommend you start playing it while still gathering your thoughts and maybe calling out names of your family members for morning devotion. 

For those in places like Lagos who literally have to pray or give thanks while dressing up, this is an early Christmas gift.

The calm and surprisingly strong harmony of instruments for the intro prepares your mind for  miss Kedike's lush voice.

It stirs a deep calmness within you and encourages you to draw that deep breath in, it massages the muscles of your mind and lifts you into a realm that you open up for the days instructions from your creator.

I know there are other gospel artists who are blessed with this gift, but this is about Chidinma and not them, this is about the long wait for her manifestation(or the peak of it) and this song is a step in the right direction. 

It felt natural hearing her on this track, she was smooth, she was relaxed, she was very similar to the Chidinma from 2010 project fame, only she is better now, more confident, more trusting, more aware.

Big kudos to the producer Frank Edwards, he did an excellent job with the track. We sincerely hope to maybe see a collaboration between Mercy Chinwo and Miss Kedike soon.

Watch the video of 'Holy' by Chidinma 'Kedike' Ekile below.

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