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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Secondary school at 32 years old? How mockery did not stop Neros Pharmaceuticals boss



Dr. Poly Emenike

Secondary school at 32 years old? How mockery did not stop Neros Pharmaceuticals boss

It is not often you hear “from grass to grace” success stories like that of Dr. Poly Emenike, CEO of NEROS Pharmaceuticals. It is one of those stories you hear and you can’t hold it to yourself, in fact you jump to share it at every given opportunity. It is a tale of rising from nothing to owning one of the most enterprising indigenous pharmaceuticals in Nigeria, a man that defied intimidating odds with just a clear vision, strong character and a lot of belief.

Born to peasant parents in Nanka, Anambra State in 1955. Dr.  Emenike struggled to complete his primary education in 1971, due to obvious reasons of finances. Excelling in his Common Entrance Examinations did not help the uphill task of funding a secondary school education. On last resort, he was sent to live with his maternal uncle, Philip Umeadi, a lawyer in Onitsha. That didn’t help much either and after just three years, he left Onitsha and was taken to Benin city, Edo state. He attributed his leaving Onitsha after a short time to his strong desire to further his education, it didn’t help matters that sometimes his former classmates who were now in Christ the King College (CKC), Onitsha, visited him.

He left Benin City in 1974 and returned to Onitsha merely months after he went there, determined not to allow servitude or other humans need for house servant determine his future. As fate will have it, he had to abandon his academic pursuits to venture into small businesses.

In 1987, defying logic or the norm, Dr. Poly Emenike now with a wife and kids decided to enroll into Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School in Surulere, Lagos, and to the amusement of many he decided to wear uniforms like his much younger classmates, a move that would have attracted a lot of mockery but did not daunt his resolve to experience what he missed 13 years prior.

His quest for knowledge saw him bag a BSc and MSc in the University of Lagos and also a doctorate degree at the International School of Management, Paris, France.

The author, philanthropist, industrialist and member-of-the-Order-of-the-Niger (MON) recipient believes that there is nothing that is not achievable with focus, faith and hard work. In his words “There is nothing like being focused, knowing where you are going, having clear vision, working as hard as possible, then following your line of action, you will make it no matter the time. The legacy I would like to leave is to be known as a foremost or a renowned entrepreneur, psychologist, philosopher, writer, and a philanthropist of world repute.”

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