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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

How Igbo couples curse their marriage ignorantly


Igba Nkwu

How Igbo couples curse their marriage ignorantly

If my little understanding of Igbo culture serves me right, then, it amounts to grave self injury for a young Igbo man to pour away the palm wine given to him by his bride, during their traditional wedding. 

Apart from the fact that such act stems from a place of ignorance and self degradation, pouring away the palm wine when it's presented to you by your wife signals rejection. It means that you have rejected the woman who gave you the drink. It means that you have rejected the marriage. 

man drinking from a cup presented by bride
The man culturally should drink the palm wine presented by his bride

Let me not sound overly superstitious by delving into the implications of this act on the marriage. Let me just keep it at the fore, where everyone can understand the issue on the peripheral level. 

Nobody is forcing you to do a traditional wedding. Nobody at all. You can do a Court wedding. You can do the white mans traditional wedding where you wear white wedding gown and suit in the church. You can do all these without doing your own traditional wedding. Nobody will talk or say anything. But the moment you opt to do the Igbo traditional wedding, it is expected of you to do it right by following the basic traditional laid down rules. 

Don't use your hand to bring curse to your marriage out of ignorance. 

If somebody wants to poison you on your wedding day, they can do so via many means. Through the garden eggs you'll eat. Through the bottled water you'll drink. Through the food. Through other means too. 

The idea that a groom can be poisoned  only through the palm wine his wife gives to him, is not steeped in reality or fact, but by the erroneous misrepresentation of the Igbo people and culture by Nollywood. This nonsense act of pouring the palm wine away was propagated by Nollywood and carried on the head by people with little thinking ability. 

Stop bastardising the Igbo culture

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